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Part I – Virginia Messina
Vegan For Her

Ginny is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in public health from the University of Michigan. She writes about vegetarian and vegan diets for both the public and health professionals and speaks on vegan diets at scientific events for health professionals as well as events for the public.

Ginny is co-author of two books on vegan nutrition, Vegan for Life and the recently released Vegan for Her. She also co-authored a vegetarian textbook for health professionals The Dietitians’ Guide to Vegetarian Diets.

She lives in Port Townsend, Washington with her husband and an ever-changing population of rescued cats. When she’s not researching and writing about vegan nutrition, she volunteers for her local animal shelter and feral cat group, practices piano, gardens, and is learning to knit with vegan fibers.

She blogs at and is also TheVeganRD on twitter and facebook.

Part II – Lagusta
Lagusta’s Luscious

“Lagusta Yearwood” is not a nom de chef referring to the joys of eating with gusto, French spiny lobsters (les langoustes), or the Spanish verb for “to like” – it’s the kind of name you get when your parents are hippies who met in the mud at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. It’s pronounced with a GUS in the middle, most emphatically not a GOO.

Lagusta Yearwood is a restless rabble-rousing chef-turned-chocolatier who’s in love with deep flavor, ethical sourcing, farmers, the food poor people around the world have always eaten, lactic acid fermentation, and noodles.

She lives in a little 1960s sunny ranch house in the tiny farm-focused town of New Paltz, NY with her sweetheart Jacob, and three cats: Sula, Noodle (told ya), and Cleo.

Ms. Yearwood trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and worked for many years with mentors at Bloodroot, a gourmet 35-year-old feminist-vegetarian restaurant and bookstore in Connecticut, and has done endless private cooking jobs around New York City and New Jersey. From 2002-2010 she ran a vegetarian meal delivery service bringing handcrafted meals featuring local produce to New Yorkers from Battery Park to Woodstock. Since 2003 she has sold a line of gourmet vegan chocolates online at
After years of cooking in dinky rented kitchens, she and Jacob renovated a former laundromat in downtown New Paltz to become a tiny little chocolate shop, which 

Part I – Kathy Hester

Kathy Hester lives in Durham, NC with her two cats who would rather not live together, a cute dog with a belly rub addiction, her very own picky eater, a kitchen garden, and more slow cookers than one person should own. She, is the vegan blogger for Key Ingredient and writes for various publications like Chickpea Magazine. She also teaches vegan cooking classes, has put together a social media class for writers and has more classes in the works.

Part II – Dierdre Rawlings
Fermented Foods for Health

Deirdre Rawlings holds a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition, a master’s in herbal medicine, and is a naturopathic doctor. She is the founder of Nutri-Living and a healthy cooking coach. Her specialties are allergies, digestive disorders, and immunity issues. She is the author of Foods that Fight Fibromyalgia and co-author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook. She lives in Atlanta, GA.

Part I – Ruby Roth
V is for Vegan, The ABCs of Being Kind

Ruby Roth is an acclaimed activist, artist, former teacher, and author whose children’s books have been featured in the San Francisco ChronicleThe Huffington PostThe Washington Times,, Glamour, and Wired as well as on The Today Show, FOX, ABC, CNN, and other major media outlets. She first discovered children’s interest in veganism while teaching art at an elementary school. Complementing her degrees in art and American studies, she has researched animal agriculture, health, nutrition, and the benefits of a plantbased diet for nearly a decade. Her first book, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, was published in 2009. A vegan since 2003, she lives in Los Angeles.

Part II – Brian Patton

Brian Patton is author of The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home and The Sexy Vegan Cookbook. He is also executive chef for Vegin’ Out, a vegan food delivery service in Los Angeles. As the quintessential “regular dude” vegan chef, he started posting instructional cooking videos on YouTube as his witty, ukulele playing alter-ego The Sexy Vegan and quickly gained a large following. Visit him online at

Part I – Rob Poe The Broccoli Rob Show

Robert Poe a.k.a. Broccoli Rob is an accomplished singer and songwriter from New York, voted ABC Radio Network’s Best New Unsigned Artist. He has been on radio, television and performed throughout the U.S.A as well as Europe.

Throughout most of his life Robert had struggled with symptoms from an autoimmune disease. While trying to combat the disease he visited numerous doctors and could not find a cure. While researching nutritional approaches for healing he found that by changing what we eat we can cure many diseases that are common to us. So, by eating a diet consisting of more high nutrient foods and eliminating junk food he was able to rid himself of the disease without medication.

This top-notch performer and Super Veggie Hero is an avid health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for healthy eating and an unwavering dedication to promoting the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables for good health.

He hits the stage like a force of nature, educating, motivating and inspiring with his high energy style, original lyrics and feats of strength.

Through music, education and play he demonstrates the mental, physical and emotional benefits of eating healthy in a way that children can easily embrace, adopt and get excited about.

The show is designed for grades K-5 and is usually 40 minutes long but can be altered to suit your needs. Robert is available for school assemblies, libraries, outdoor festivals, camps and other personal appearances.


Part II – Rory Freedman Beg

Rory Freedman is the co-author of the Number 1 New York Times best-sellingSkinny Bitch, a tough-love manifesto that has inspired countless women to start making smart and compassionate food choices. Rory has co-authored other books in the series, Skinny Bitch, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven, Skinny Bastard and Skinny Bitchin. An outspoken advocate for animal rights, she lives in Los Angeles with her dogs; and will go anywhere and everywhere to spread the word about her new book, Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals.

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