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In this episode Caryn will talk about Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, good things to do with salt instead of putting it in food. She’ll cover some of her favorite recipes for summer, for barbecues and picnics.

Caryn Hartglass, Get Involved in your Life!
Caryn reviews the new film Eating Animals. She asks the questions, “How Involved do you want to be with your life?” and What is the cost of convenience?” Find out more in this program. She shares a new recipe too: Mushroom Ginger Congee.

Caryn Hartglass, Turmeric, Pure Water and Fragrant Air!
With all the buzz about the health benefits of turmeric, Caryn shares some of her newest recipes using this amazing spice. She also talks about water distillation and the need for pure water. With the Linden Trees blooming she highlights the tea made from the Linden Tree Flowers and enjoying the blossoms fragrance.

Part I: Matt and Phil Letten (The Vegan Bros), Vodka is Vegan
The Vegan Bros, Matt Letten and Phil Letten, are brothers (and bros) who have transformed their lives by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Popular bloggers, health and fitness consultants, and animal-rights advocates, they’ve been featured in mainstream media outlets such as VICEBusiness InsiderFast CompanyCW, and the Guardian. And they’re just getting started.
Part II: Michael Harren, The Animal Show
Brooklyn-based composer and performer Michael Harren combines elements of classical composition with experimental electronics and storytelling to create hypnotic and boldly intimate work that walks the line between Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel and Dead Can Dance. He is artist-in-residence at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary where he created the solo multi-media theater piece The Animal Show, which premiered in New York City in 2016 and continues to be performed in venues throughout the United States. In his first solo show, Tentative Armor, he combined piano, synthesizers, various electronics, and live musicians with his unique storytelling, resulting in a deeply moving, highly entertaining performance. Through his resonant, powerful, very personal stories, Harren envelops the audience in a funny, poignant, highly intimate tour of his own self-discovery through spirituality, sexuality, and grief. Music, text and photos from the show were released in an album and book of the same name. Michael Harren has toured as pianist with Sandra Bernhard, is the musical director for Cabaret for a Cause, and has performed at Dixon Place, (le) poisson rouge, Joe’s Pub, Judson Memorial Church, Manhattan Theater Source, The Duplex, Don’t Tell Mama, The Laurie Beechman Theater as well as numerous venues around the country. Michael is a Moogfest artist who presented No Permission Needed: Create with Senator Jaiz at Moogfest 2017.

It’s All About Food
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