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Gary De Mattei, Children’s Health and Food Policy
Responsible Eating And Living co-founder, Gary De Mattei joins Caryn Hartglass to talk about food policy and misinformation promoted by mainstream media on nutrition for children.


Caryn Hartglass, reporting from Costa Rica
Caryn brings the It’s All About Food show to Costa Rica today. Tune in to hear about her impressions over the last 15 years of visiting this rugged, rainforested Central American country.

Part I: Evan Allen, MD, Oversaturated
Dr. Allen is a board certified family physician and also has board certification in obesity medicine. He runs a practice in Henderson Nevada that focuses on using lifestyle medical techniques combined with modern understanding of biochemistry and physiology to assist patients with reversing metabolic disorders or treating acute and chronic illnesses. He is internationally recognized and has won multiple awards over his career as a physician. His recent book, Oversaturated, is about how to discuss dietary fats with patients. He talks about how the common understanding of saturated fats has been manipulated by certain segments of the food industry to favor their products and has resulted in large numbers of misinformation in the nutrition space. The book gives some simple techniques that most healthcare team members can use to emphasize the scientific understanding of saturated fats to their patient population.

Part II: Jay Kuo, Social Edge
Jay is the Chief Creative Officer at the Social Edge, a digital publishing and social media company based in New York City, and he has overseen George Takei’s meteoric rise on social media from its inception. Jay is the composer and lyricist for the Broadway musical Allegiance and is a producer on several Broadway shows including the Tony winning Hadestown. In his prior life, Jay was an appellate litigator admitted before the 9th Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court. He now lives in Harlem and is on a quest for wisdom, hilarity and great veggie eats.

It’s All About Food
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