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Tuesday Mar 31, 2020

Hartglass & De Mattei, Kitchen StaplesWhen the shopping gets tough, the tough get creative. Most of us are staying at home during the Coronavirus Pandemic and the local grocery and online food stores are often out of our favorite condiments and prepared foods. Hartglass & De Mattei talk about making some of your staples right in your own kitchen, like vegan butter, mayo, ketchup, cheese, etc. They review some of their favorite cookbooks that will help you do it all yourself. Cookbooks mentioned in the program:The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko SchinnerField Roast by Tommy McDonaldThe Saucy Vegetarian by Jo StepaniakSweet Vegan by Hannah KaminskyVegan Chocolate by Fran CostiganVegan Holiday Kitchen by Nava AtlasVegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe with Joy Pierson and Bart Potenza

Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Hartglass & De Mattei, Nourishing the Soul as Well as the BodyIt’s the 11th Anniversary of the IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD show on the Progressive Radio Network. Caryn Hartglass and Gary De Mattei bring you updates and tips to keep your immune system strong and calm your anxiety during the pandemic.
Below are links to articles, interviews, businesses and recipes mentioned in the show.1. Bilal’s Easy Kale2. Go Organic NYC, “Pick Your Own” Organic Produce, delivered to your doorstep.3. Allergy to Peas, Pea Protein Isolate4. Help save school nutrition standards. Deadline extended to April 225. Dean Ornish and Anne Ornish, Undo It! Jan 2019 interview on IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD.6. Pandemic Pasta Primavera recipe. 

Wednesday Mar 18, 2020

Hartglass & De Mattei, Love in the Time of CoronaSelf-Care and community during the Corona Virus Pandemic are the topics for today’s show. Links to items that will be mentioned on the show:1. Interview with Paul Huljich, author of Stress Pandemic2. Bird Flu, A Virus of Our Own Hatching by Dr. Michael Greger.

Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

Hartglass & De Mattei cover a lot of ground in this episode. In honor of International Women’s Day, they highlight some of the REAL Women who have been interviewed on this show that are doing wonderful work in the plant-based arena.Fran CostiganJasmin LeyvaKaren DavisLinda LongMia McDonaldMiyoko SchinnerSaray Stancic
Plus they share some of their recent recipe favorites. Recipes mentioned during the program:Lasagana Al Forno and Spicy MarinaraAlmond RicottaAlmond YogurtCassoulet Bean Soup

Wednesday Mar 04, 2020

Hartglass & De Mattei: Super Vegan Taco Tuesday!On Super Tuesday, Caryn Hartglass and Gary De Mattei want to encourage you: to vote; to direct your attention to many wonderful things happening in the world that don’t get enough media focus; to eat lots of Super Vegan Tacos because it’s SUPER VEGAN TACO TUESDAY!

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