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with Robert Cheeke

Robert Cheeke uses the platform of bodybuilding to communicate the message of meat-free, steroid-free health, fun and fitness. One of the nicest people you will ever meet, Robert is the epitome of a lean, clean, meat-free machine. His new book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness, and his website, provide information and inspiration on achieving your goals this year.

with Gary Francione

Gary Francione is Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law and Philosophy at Rutgers University. He has been teaching animal rights and the law for 25 years has lectured on the topic throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, including serving as a member of the Guest Faculty of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows. He was the co-director (with Anna Charlton) of the Rutgers Animal Rights Law Center, in which law students earned academic credits working on actual legal cases involving animals. Professor Francione is well known among animal advocates for his criticism of the animal welfare position and the property status of nonhuman animals, and for his abolitionist theory of animal rights. He is the author of Animals as Persons: Essays on the Abolition of Animal Exploitation (Columbia University, 2008);  Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog? (Temple University, 2000) and Animals, Property, and the Law (Temple University 1995). He recently co-authored the Animal Rights Debate, Abolition or Regulation with Robert Garner.  He maintains a website on animal rights/abolitionist theory at

with Rynn Berry

Rynn Berry specializes in the study of vegetarianism from an historical perspective. He is the author of six books on vegetarianism: The New Vegetarians, Famous Vegetarians, Food for the Gods: Vegetarianism and the World's Religions, Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover, and The Vegan Guide to New York City. His sixth book—Beconing Raw, which he has co-authored with vegan nutritionists Vesanto Melina and Brenda Daivis comes out in September 2009. His many articles, as well as reviews of his books have appeared in Ahimsa, The American Vegan, Vegetarian Voice, Vegetarian Journal, Satya, Yoga Journal, and in newspapers such as The New York Times, The Toronto Star, The New York Daily News, The Los Angeles Times, The Times of London, The London Sunday Telegraph, and the Washington Post.

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