Robin Lamont, The Experiment
Robin Lamont worked as a Broadway actress and singer, playing lead roles in GodspellGrease, and Working. Her original cast recording of “Day by “Day” and her film version of the song have drawn fans from around the world. Utilizing her acting experience she became an undercover investigator for a PI firm in New York City that specialized in investigations into counterfeiting. During that time she went to law school and later practiced as an Assistant District Attorney in New York. More recently, while continuing her writing Robin volunteers for animal welfare organizations, trying to raise awareness about the plight of animals throughout the world.

Joanne Lefebvre Connolly, DVM, Animal Teachings
Dr. Joanne is a veterinarian promoting intuitive medicine. She guides families in tuning in with their pets, themselves, Nature & the Universe to make better medical decisions. She is vegan and inspires all animals & humans to live in balance, as One, with the web of life. Dr. Joanne published her first book titled Animal Teachings from Hayley’s Angels Methodsand is currently writing her second book.

Encar Garcia Vila, Jaguar Rescue Center
After obtaining a degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona, Encar spent 15 years working with primates and mammals in various habitats, including 8 years at the renowned Barcelona Zoo, where she cared for many animals including Snowflake, the unique albino gorilla who called the zoo home for 37 years.

Caryn Hartglass, 21st Century Plant-Based Products
Caryn talks about lots of new products that are made from plants, or trying to be. Can our food go from “soup to nuts” to Legos, Shoes, Fuel, Burgers?

Sheldon Krimsky, GMOs Decoded
Sheldon Krimsky is the Lenore Stern Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences and Adjunct Professor in Public Health and Community Medicine in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. He is the author, coauthor, or editor of sixteen books, including Science in the Private Interest and Stem Cell Dialogues.

Richard Miron assistant-edited Oscar®-nominated Life, Animatedas well as Art and Craft(Oscar®shortlist). He was the lead editor for the recent feature documentary The Surrounding Game(available on Netflix). He received his B.A. in Art from Yale University, where he won the Howard Lamar Prize, Yale’s top film award. Miron was for two years the Director of Programming for the Environmental Film Festival at Yale and has a background in animal rights. He received the Marcie Bloom Fellowship in Film and was a fellow in the 2016 IFP Documentary Labs.




Award-winning documentary FOR THE BIRDS touches down for one week only in NYC May 31–June 6 at IFC Center and in LA June 14–20 at Laemmle Monica Film Center.

Isa Leshko, Allowed to Grow Old
Isa Leshko is a photographer who focuses on themes of aging and animal rights. Her images of aging farm animals are much admired and have been published in the AtlanticBoston Globe, the GuardianHarper’s, the New York Times, and elsewhere.

Toni Okamato, Plant Based on a Budget
Toni Okamato is the founder of Plant Based on a Budget, the popular web site, food blog, and meal plan that shows you how to save dough by eating veggies. She’s also author of Plant-Based on a Budget, Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook, and the co-author of The Friendly Vegan Cookbook. Plant Based on a Budget has been featured in Reader’s Digest, US News and World Report, and more. Toni’s also a regular presence on the FOX affiliate in Sacramento, where she teaches viewers how to break their meat habit without breaking their budget. Toni is a burrito enthusiast, and spends her free time swing dancing across the county. She resides in Sacramento.

Timothy Wise, Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food
Timothy A. Wise is a senior researcher at the Small Planet Institute, where he directs the Land and Food Rights Program. He is also a senior research fellow at Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute, where he founded and directed its Globalization and Sustainable Development Program. He previously served as executive director of the U.S.-based aid agency Grassroots International. He is the author of Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food(The New Press) and Confronting Globalization: Economic Integration and Popular Resistance in Mexico. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bilal Qizilbash
Bilal is CEO and chief scientist for EasyKale Labs, LLC. His company pledges 2.5% of net profits to feeding the homeless, something Bilal does every Friday in Jackson, Miss., alongside volunteers for his Draw-a-Smile non-profit foundation. Another 2.5% goes to the Mississippi Coding Academies, helping at-risk kids build technology careers.

When Bilal discovered that juiced leafy kale would selectively kill melanoma cancer cells in vitro while leaving non-cancerous cells alone, he’d had a breakthrough… and a realization. The breakthrough led to a U.S. patent and continued laboratory studies. The realization was that Bilal could help humanity with a product—Bilal’s EasyKale—that makes it easy for people to add #dailykale to their diets.

Bilal has presented lectures on leadership, innovation, and his team’s cancer breakthrough at numerous conferences, most notably at the Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University attended by over 3,000 people. Bilal holds U.S. Patent #9919016: “Product and method of deploying kale derivatives for anti-cancer effects.” As the CEO of EasyKale Labs, he’s continuing his research into the cancer-fighting properties of kale, while offering a next-generation product for making kale consumption easier—Bilal’s EasyKale.

Kathleen Kobel
Kathleen Kobel is an Amazon expert seller and consultant who helps businesses grow their brands and scale their sales by selling products on Amazon.

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