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Caryn Hartglass and Gary De Mattei go deep on today’s episode of It’s All About Food when they talk about the important role cooking plays in their lives during these stressful times.
Listen: Tuesday, March 1, 2022 4pm ET by going to PRN, The Progressive Radio Network.
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Hartglass & De Mattei, Back to Basics
It’s Two Two Two Two Two Tuesday, 2/22/22. It’s also Veguary and National Children’s Health Dental Month. Caryn and Gary bring you into the bathroom to discuss recommendations for dental health. They review Le Botaniste restaurant in Manhattan, and the new Crossroads Kitchen coming to Las Vegas.
Links mentioned in the program

RECIPE – Ginger Turmeric Latte
Crossroads Kitchen
Le Botaniste
Eco-Dent Gentle Floss
Julliard Pre college concerts


Hartglass & De Mattei, Supporting Small Vegan Businesses
Caryn Hartglass and Gary De Mattei bring you another hour of conversation. In this podcast they talk about Valentine’s Day, Vegan Fridays, and the importance of supporting small vegan businesses and small businesses that bring healthy, organic, plant food to us. They say goodbye to GoOrganicNYC which recently closed due to COVID, hoping they can reopen soon. 

Links mentioned in podcast:
NYC Public Schools Vegan Fridays
Sweet Vegan
Organic Grill
Meet the People Getting Paid to Kill Our Planet
La Flore Paris
Food to Live

Hartglass & De Mattei, Vegan Reviews
Hartglass & De Mattei review the PBS Masterpiece Series, All Creatures Great and Small, from the vegan perspective. They share their disappointment with Homewood Suites’ in-suite kitchens and give an overview of three, SOS-free menus they recently prepared for a friend transitioning to a whole food, plant-based diet.
Listen: Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 4pm ET by going to PRN, The Progressive Radio Network.
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* Listen by phone to hear the live broadcast at 1-641-741-2308..
* Call Caryn’s personal archive number to hear the most recent five episodes of It’s All About Food: 1-701-719-0885.
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Consommé (vegan chicken soup)
Green Bean Walnut Paté (vegan chopped liver)
Tarte Aux Pommes
Poached Pears with Raspberry Coulis
Whole Grain Mix

Sunny Satva is an American engineer-turned-investor and the founder of the Vegan Africa Fund. Sunny has been vegan for six years and traveled throughout Africa during 2020 and most of 2021, learning about the need for the world to invest in Africa. Sunny started impact investing in African vegan businesses in 2021 and launched the VAF impact crypto to support the African vegan entrepreneurial network. Sunny loves practicing Qi Gong, cooking with mushrooms, and networking with aligned vegan individuals.
Listen to the entire show broadcast on Manhattan’s Progressive Radio Network, 4pm ET: Or call by phone to listen at 1-641-741-2308
Links mentioned in the program:
Timothy A. Wise, Failing Africa’s Farmers
Neem and Patents:

Cheryl Moss understands the unconscionable misuse and exploitation of animals and the impact on our environment and pandemics. She believes in creating a children’s book series about alternative ways of thinking and living to foster fundamental change. With her husband, she created the non-profit Let’s Share a Dog, whereby lonely people could be connected with busy people in their own neighborhood through the mutual love of dogs. She has written two books, Jenny the Magical Dog Next Door and Jenny Saves the Day. Cheryl is a staunch animal activist and vegan who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jonathan Balcombe was born in England, raised in New Zealand and Canada, and has lived in the United States since 1987. He is a biologist with a PhD in ethology, the study of animal behavior. He is the author of four popular science books on the inner lives of animals, including Pleasurable KingdomSecond Nature, and What a Fish Knows, a New York Times best-seller. He has published over 60 scientific papers and book chapters on animal behavior and animal protection. Formerly Department Chair for Animal Studies with the Humane Society University, and Director of Animal Sentience with The Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy, Jonathan works as an independent author, and performs editing services for aspiring and established authors. He also serves as an Associate Editor for the journal Animal Sentience, and he teaches a course in animal sentience for the Viridis Graduate Institute. A popular speaker, Jonathan has lectured on six continents (the penguins eagerly anticipate his arrival in Antarctica). Jonathan currently lives in southern Ontario, where in his spare time he enjoys biking, baking, birding, Bach, and trying to understand the squirrels in his neighborhood.
The world’s first octopus farm – should it go ahead?
Material Innovation Initiative
HEART, Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers
Ruby Roth author of several children’s books:

Torre Washington is a NASM certified coach and IFBB Pro. Raised vegetarian and vegan since 1998, Torre built his physique entirely on a Plant based regimen without the aid of supplements since 2009. Torre’s training style focuses on physical symmetry and aesthetics “he disassembles your physique and reassembles it back the way you want it to be” and has therefore become one of the most sought after coaches of celebrities and bodybuilders globally. Torre also advocates for “veganism” to his global fan base and brings to light the plight of animals and the need to heal mother earth through living a more Plantbased vegan lifestyle.

Links mentioned in the program:
The new Bright Line Eating Membership Program
The Exposing Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act

Hartglass & De Mattei, REAL Seal of Approval
Hartglass & De Mattei talk about Thanksgiving and the best pie crust ever, that is vegan and gluten-free. Then they review Good Housekeeping‘s The 33 Best Vegan Food Products of 2021, According to Nutrition Experts and give their thoughts on whether or not the foods on the list pass the Responsible Eating And Living’s (REAL) Seal of Approval.
The 33 Best Vegan Food Products of 2021, According to Nutrition Experts
REAL Thanksgiving Celebration Feast
Easy-to-Roll Tart Shell or Pie Crust

Dr. Ietef “DJ Cavem” Vita, Eco-Hip Hop
Dr. Ietef “DJ Cavem” Vita the O.G. (organic Gardener) is an eco-hip hop artist, educator and vegan chef from Denver. His songs are about climate change, food justice and eating healthy. He’s performed at the White House, and has been featured in Oprah Magazine and on the Rachael Ray Show. His latest album BIOMIMICZ was released as a seed pack to spur listeners into action. He’s shared the stage with Moe Def, Nick Jonas, Rick Ross, The Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Snoop Dogg, Wyclef Jean, among others.

On the web:

Music links:

#ECOHIPHOP #VEGAN. New BIOMIMICZ EP available in seed packs @

 Starting November 11th for one week only join dozens of Hip Hop, sports and entertainment stars for They’re Trying To Kill Us which blows the lid off the institutional racism that has led to abhorrent rates of diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases among Americans of Color. You can download the film for 7 days only on the website at starting 11/11 at 11:00 am ET.

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