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Linda Watson is the cook and researcher who started Cook for Good in the summer of 2007. She's a home cook with a well-developed sense of curiosity, but she's not a nutritionist or chef. She may be the only person in the world who is a member of both the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the Project Management Institute. Her background in project management and procedures writing helps her write and test recipes and optimize the shopping lists and cooking plans. Her new book is called Wildly Affordable Organic: Eat Fabulous Food, Get Healthy, and Save the Planet—all on $5 a Day or Less.

Jill Nussinow, a.k.a. The Veggie Queen TM, is a Registered Dietitian who has been teaching vegetarian cooking at Santa Rosa Junior College, in Sonoma County and throughout the country since 1985. Her award-winning cookbook, The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment, was published in 2005. Her first DVD Creative Lowfat Vegan Cuisine came on the market in December 2004. She has released a cooking DVD (October 2007), Pressure Cooking: A Fresh Look, Delicious Dishes in Minutes. Jill is a vegetarian, vegetable and plant-food expert. You can find out more about Jill at her website, or read her blog at

Raising Elijah


with Sandra Steingraber

An internationally recognized authority on environmental links to cancer and reproductive health, Sandra Steingraber, PhD, is the author of Living Downstream: An Ecologist’s Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment, a new edition of which was just published by Merloyd Lawrence Books/Da Capo Press. It has been adapted into a feature-length documentary film by The People's Picture Company.  In 2001, Steingraber received the Rachel Carson Leadership Award for her “outstanding contributions to the conservation and environmental movement.” A columnist for Orion magazine, she has lectured before the parliament of the European Union, at various medical conferences, and on numerous college campuses, and is a scholar in residence at New York’s Ithaca College.

Dr. Will Tuttle is an award-winning speaker, educator, author, and musician. His music, writings, and presentations focus on creativity, intuition, and compassion. He is the author of The World Peace Diet which has been called one of the most important books of the 21st century: the foundation of a new society based on the truth of the interconnectedness of all life.

with Neal Shatar

Neal Shatar is the Director of Food Services at New Hampton School (NHS) and uses only the freshest and finest ingredients in his food. This is not your typical high school cafeteria fare. Neil prides himself in serving only the best to his students and faculty: fair trade organic fruits and vegetables; gluten free and vegan menu options; and that’s just for breakfast. Neal is a plant-based, whole foods eater who was greatly influenced by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn as well as being inspired by Will Tuttle (a guest on our show next week) and his book, The World Peace Diet. He came to NHS in the fall of 1995. He was attracted by the wording in the ad that posted the job for Food Service Director. The ad read: “We are looking for someone to join our NHS Family to be responsible for feeding the school community.” It was this invitation to join the family of staff and faculty and be an active part in the NHS community that first brought Neal here, and it is the reality of being a part of this community that keeps him here. As a lover of healthy food, Neal appreciates the support he has for building a food service program of which he is proud to be a part. As a dedicated “life long learner” Neal very much enjoys his relationships with the faculty, students, and staff. He is happy that his concerns for and dedication to justice and excellence are valued here. He feels that he is allowed to thrive and that he is appreciated. He is very proud to work along with the food service staff in an excellent dining program. Neal says, “It is great to ride to work with my wife Sheryl on our tandem bicycle. I am so glad that she chose to be a baker over a career in social work.”

It’s All About Food
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