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Caryn & Gary, A View From the Bridge
REAL Co-founders, Caryn Hartglass and Gary De Mattei give their thoughts on a variety of food-related subjects, including juicing, fad diets, buffets and the New York premier of The End of Meat.

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Caryn Hartglass, Party Foods, Vegetarian Bears, Celery and Ginger Sodas, Soy and Bones, Land Use Requirements of the Standard American Diet (SAD).
In this episode Caryn talks about a variety of dishes to make or bring to a party or special event. Recipes for a few of the dishes can be found at She also covers stories in the news about vegetarian bears, the benefits of soy for building bones, and the need for much more land to support the growing population increasingly eating more animals foods.

Caryn Hartglass, FDA, Organic Foods, Cool Summer Drinks, Zucchini
In this episode Caryn reviews a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled The Organic Industry Is Lying to You and why blaming the organic industry is flawed and where it is wrong. She also talks about great cool drinks for summer that are free of refined sugar or added sweeteners and what to do with all that zucchini growing in the garde

Caryn Hartglass, Into the Foods
In this episode Caryn goes “into the foods” reviewing the ingredients of popular snack foods, highlighting what to look out for. She discusses the foods she’s been preparing while on the road as Musical Director of a production of Into the Woods, including the healthy snack options she prefers and restaurants she’s been to this week including True Food Kitchen and Veggie Grill.

It’s All About Food
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