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Timothy Parkon is a passionate cook, artist, and photographer, and the creator of the blog Mississippi Vegan. Before devoting himself to the culinary arts he spent time as a fine artist in Charleston, South Carolina, and New York City. He currently lives and works in New Orleans.

Part I: Caryn Hartglass, Cashews, Colonoscopies

In the first part of the program Caryn talks about attending the Werkit 2018 Women’s Podcast Festival. She’ll discuss her recent experience having a colonoscopy and share the dark side of harvesting the cashew nut.
Part II: Gary De Mattei, Theatre and Thanksgiving
Gary, the co-founder of Responsible Eating and Living joins Caryn to talk about the play, The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui. They’ll talk about what’s on their Thanksgiving menu this year with recipes you can access at

Caryn Hartglass, Hospitals, Hotels and Holidays
Caryn covers her time this week in Houston visiting with a hospital patient. She talks about ways to prepare healthy meals in hotels and shares some thoughts and tips for Thanksgiving.

Caryn Hartglass, One Activist’s Rejuvenation
Caryn talks about her recent trip to Mendocino, CA and her stay at The Stanford Inn by the Sea, a vegan bed & breakfast. She also covers other destinations during her travel and the importance of taking care of ourselves, to recharge and rejuvenate, when dedicating one’s life to a cause.

It’s All About Food
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