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Gary De Mattei, The Vegan Artist’s Way: with Hartglass and De Mattei

REAL co-founder, Gary De Mattei joins Caryn Hartglass in another episode to talk about stay healthy during audition season…or any season.

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Gary De Mattei, REAL Vegan in 2020
Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by going vegan. Tune in today to hear IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD host, Caryn Hartglass and featured guest, Gary De Mattei talk about all things REAL vegan in 2020.

Jami Dulaney MD, Plant Based Wellness
Dr. Dulaney practices Cardiology and Primary Care in her Wellness Practice in Port Charlotte, Florida. Members of her practice have the opportunity of attending three different nutrition class per week. Through plant based nutrition education, she has had remarkable success in reversing lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and autoimmune diseases. She co-authored the Plant Based Wellness Cookbook, three generations of cooking with the Doctor, the Dietitian, and the Diva that showcases family recipes and those taught in her nutrition class. Dr. Dulaney is also an endurance athlete having completed 7 full Ironman Distance Triathlons, 2 ultramarathons, and over 25 marathons. She just qualified for the Boston Marathon plant based, of course. She enjoys backyard gardening with a passion for tropical fruit trees and vegetables. Dr. Dulaney also is an ethical vegan and a passionate rescuer of German Shepherd Dogs. She is the host of the Jami Dulaney, MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast with over 235 episodes posted weekly.

Podcast: Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast

Gary De Mattei, Veganism in the 2010s, the Decade in Review
Gary De MatteiResponsible Eating And Living co-founder, returns to It’s All About Food with a review of the decade and an upbeat look at the future.

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