Part I: Gary De Mattei, The Transition Kitchen
Gary2013-200x200Gary De Mattei is co-founder of Responsible Eating And Living and the host of the Transition Kitchen. The Transition Kitchen is part of the REAL GOOD NEWS IN REVIEW web series. TK will be showing all who are interested just how easy and delicious it is to quit the animal while seamlessly transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. THE TRANSITION KITCHEN features step-by-step vegan versions of omnivore favorites. More about Gary at
Part II: Kittee Berns, Teff Love
Kittee BernsKittee Berns has been an ethical vegan for more than 24 years and a gluten-free vegan since 2008. Author of the cookzine Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food, she is the creative force behind the popular blog Cake Maker to the Stars found at

It’s All About Food
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