Part I: Brian Clemente Food is Medicine

Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D. is director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, the world’s first and fore-most residential complementary health care facility. The institute was founded in Boston a half a century ago and relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida in 1986. As director, Clement pioneered the integration of cutting edge, non-invasive medical technology with traditional medicine and pure lifestyle modalities. Gathering a team of health professionals from every aspect of the comprehensive field has helped the thousands of individuals seeking healing. While all kinds of individuals attend the life change program, Clement and the institute are best known for the work they have accomplished for people with catastrophic illness.

Monitoring the program’s participants through medical blood profiles and dark-field microscopic analysis has created a watershed of data and research material that has been pursued for studies by Colombia University. This information is now being considered by the National Institute of Health. Clement was a founding member of the Coalition for Holistic Health, a gathering of natural health care organizations, some twenty-five years ago. This group was formed to resist the frontal attack of the pharmaceutical industries and U.S. government on traditional therapies. He has taught in thirty countries, worked with the Swedish, Indian, and Egyptian governments on their healthcare systems, consulted the Ministers of Health in Ireland and is internationally known figure in the establishment of health policies.Under Dr. Clement’s directorship, Hippocrates Health Institute received the status of number one medical spa in the world at the turn of the twenty-first century. He spends much of his time researching, writing and addressing groups globally.

Brian Clement is the father of four children and happily married to Dr. Anna Maria Gahns Clement with whom he shares responsibility for overseeing the institute’s ongoing operations.

Part II Zel Allen Vegan For The Holidays

With a focus on healthy eating, compassion for animals, and environmental consciousness, her vegan journey led Zel Allen to partner with her husband, Reuben, to publish Vegetarians in Paradise. Their online publication is read by more than 125,000 visitors monthly In addition to her articles, the e-zine spotlights her humorous illustrations and her innovative recipes. Zel’s interest in the powerful health aspects of nuts resulted in her one-of-a-kind cookbook, The Nut Gourmet, which features 150 innovative, totally nutty recipes.

Presently, Zel spreads the message of a healthy vegan lifestyle by teaching vegetarian cooking classes at libraries, churches, and at Glendale Community College in Southern California. She lives in Granada Hills with her husband and her cat Fuzzy, once a homeless kitten. You can also see their website at

Part III Greg Singer Vegtoons

Vegtoons producer, Greg Singer, has worked in the production management, story development and executive offices of DreamWorks Feature Animation, Fox Feature Animation and Cartoon Network. Mr. Singer also has worked with UNICEF’s Cartoons for Children’s Rights campaign, NASA’s space life sciences division, and the U.S. Peace Corps, assisting Kenya’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Click on the links for more on Vegtoons and the Vegtoons Kickstarter

It’s All About Food
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