PART 1: Nama Arian & Rona Stein, Lands in Love Hotel and Animal Rescue Center
The Animal Love Rescue center needs urgent help. It is a non-profit no-kill charitable shelter in Costa Rica that takes care of more than 1,000 animals (more than 800 are dogs and cats). The rescue center funded is by the vegan/vegetarian hotel Lands in Love, which has been closed since the middle of March as a result of the Coronavirus world crisis. Help is needed to keep the shelter running. Without the help of donations, the rescue center will be closed and the animals will be released to the streets. Please help with a donation or exposure through your social media accounts so the animals will not be left homeless.
For more information:
The Animal Love Rescue Center
The Animal Love Rescue Center Facebook Page
The Animal Love Rescue Center on Instagram
The Lands in Love Hotel
GoFundMe Campaign
PART 2: Jeff Miller, Avocado, A Global History
Jeff Miller is associate professor of hospitality management at Colorado State University. He is coauthor of Food Studies: An Introduction to Research Methods and was named Culinary Educator of the Year in 2017.

It’s All About Food
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