Vegan Pimp


with Sharon Nazarian

Sharon Nazarian is Vegan Pimp, co-founder and Chief Executive Pimp of A former financial advisor, Sharon lives in NYC, loves fashion, vegan food, dancing and healthy, compassionate cruelty-free living. A pimp at heart, she’s always been a cheerleader for the things she loves, whether that be people, products, services, philanthropic organizations, causes or events. launched in 2006 with the mission to make being vegan fun, fashionable and effortless by being the hook up to cruelty-free products and swag. As such, offers an extensive line of fashionable vegan merchandise like designer handbags and shoes as well as a whole line of creative vegan message products like t-shirts, tote bags, pendant jewelry and a host of other stuff. The informational aspect of the site has expanded with videos and cooking demos. As Vegan Pimp, Sharon has turned into quite the social butterfly, attending all kinds of vegan-related events around town. Sharing these experiences has become featured content on the blog.

It’s All About Food
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